Zechariah’s Song

I sense our dream for a renewed nation is slowly fading.
Like a rowboat sucked out to sea by the current,
Land shrinks into the growing sea, lost in the distance.
As night envelopes, I strain to see Israel’s last glimpses of rescue.

But despite the deepening darkness, I choose to have confidence.
I know, despite what I do not see, you keep your word
You have promised a Messiah, you have promised restoration.
These words are my sliver of light from shore that keeps me rowing.

Israel tripped too many times. Our opponents gained the upper hand.
Each blow knocked us down until our strength was gone.
Too weak to stand, for many, it was easier to lay down for the count.
But for a few, we continue to stand back up without fear.

The righteous stumble forward without light, along broken and overgrown trails.
Guided by ancient directions of silenced prophets. When suddenly,
From out of the heavy darkness a rooster calls, like a voice crying out in the desert,
Awakening the silent, slumbering world, announcing the return of the sun.

There, stands the maestro, unveiled as the curtain slowly lifts.
John is the conductor’s baton. Slowly, it rises, signalling so everyone is ready,
Then the watching audience will know, God’s covenant concerto is about to begin,
And His 400 year silence will be broken with a deafening boom.

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