A Spark of Hope

The world was dark and vacant
And God said, “Let there be light”
He saw the light was good
Then removed it from the darkness.

Within this light, life awoke.
Soon the air swarmed, waters overflowed.
The land flourished as creatures
Darted across fields and forests.

Then God caressed the dirt,
Molded us into his image.
We too, were declared good.
And for a while, it was.

Until sin echoed through God’s perfect plan like
Unrelenting cracks cascading across a frozen pond
Releasing its icy darkness,
Yearning to pull us under

The light of God’s love fractured.
A deep hunger seeped into our shattered souls.
As we fell from grace, God fought to restore us
Reaching down, pursing us as we slid from the cliff.

Lowering a rope of rescue
He sent prophets and judges,
Appointed priests and kings.
He parted waters and sent droughts.

He made covenants and commandments,
Demolished armies and walls.
Miracle after dream,
Dream after wonder.

Generations stood in awe
While our children forgot,
Satisfied with the veil of deceit
That clouded their eyes.

Our distance to God grew
As we continued to slide
Until shadows bled into dark night.
But hope still flickered.

For those who searched for the light
A Saviour was promised.
The prophets foretold,
The teachers preached of
One who would restore our loss.
We believed he would come ready to fight.

But, we didn’t hear any blaring horns
Or welcome a man with a blazing sword.
Instead, one night he came quietly,
A reflection of the whispered visit with Elijah.

He was the promised King
But born poor and in disgrace.
He was the son of a perfect God,
Conceived by an unwed woman.

But as a mere wisp of smoke and smolder
Precedes a raging forest fire;
God’s plan to banish darkness had finally began.
In the stillness of that night hope began to spark.

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