The Letter: Part 11

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Did you want to start the series from the beginning? The Letter: Part 1


“I don’t get it. So she didn’t die?” Sam asked, his head in his hands as they sat on the couch. Susan had just explained how they’d found the picture.

“I don’t know,” she said, hesitating. It definitely looked that way, but couldn’t bring herself to confirm it aloud.

“She had a family too. Grandkids?” he held Ernest’s obituary in his hand. Do you think they were her kids?”

“I don’t know.”

“I can’t believe she just left.” Suddenly, he sat up straight and looked at her. “Dad knew. Why didn’t he tell us? Why did he say she’d died?”

Susan pulled the second letter out and handed it to Sam.

“We didn’t open it.”

He slide his finger under the flap and ripped it open.

Dear Victor and Sam,

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I lied. Alice didn’t die. She was released from the sanatorium and went to stay at a friend’s apartment. It was supposed to just be for a few weeks. Just until she had regained her strength and the doctors were sure she wouldn’t relapse. But I knew when she first decided not to come home, that she wasn’t ever coming back. We were married young. Then I left for war. We didn’t have a chance to get to know each other. Then suddenly, I was back, and I guess she realized I wasn’t what she wanted. Getting sick must have felt like a free ticket out.

It wasn’t your fault and I never wanted you to think it was so I lied and told you both she’d died. I always meant to tell you the truth when you were older and could handle the truth. But like with most things, I ruined it all.

I am more sorry than I can say that I took your money. I panicked when I learned Alice had decided not to come home. I thought I could convince her to change her mind. I quickly saw what a mistake that was. I later saw how important your coin collection was. I tired to fix it. For years I’ve been collecting. Maybe you don’t care anymore, but it’s worth quite a bit after all these years. I know it doesn’t make up for everything, but hopefully it’s a start.

I love you both.

Part 12

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