A Grave Mistake: Chapter 10

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white and clear glass syringe

They’re rounding you up and locking you up. If magic gets out, but its hosts are held captive, is magic still free? I think not.

Time unknown

Natasha had been stuck in this room for what felt like hours, possibly days. She had no idea what time it was or how long she’d been in here before she woke up. There wasn’t any furniture, but the floor was a plush cream-coloured carpet. It was soft and thick and reasonably comfortable to sit on considering she was on the floor.

There was a door to the right which led to a small bathroom, but no matter how hard she looked, there wasn’t a door leading out. There were no windows, but one wall was made entirely of mirrored glass. The other three walls were a navy blue. There was one overhead light in their room and another in the bathroom.

She was surprised at first that she still had her cell phone when she woke. But she quickly realized that she had no reception. Then she noticed that her phone was acting weird. The date and time kept randomly changing. Just before her phone died, it was reading January 27, 1872.

She sat cross-legged on the floor and stared at the mirror. There was something comforting in seeing her reflection that made her feel like she was less alone. It felt like there was at least one other person in this with her.

Suddenly, her entire body went rigid and, as hard as she tired, she couldn’t move. The only thing she could do was blink and move her eyes. She sat there in frozen terror for a few moments, then the mirror lit up. On the right side, like a curtain being drawn, the mirror slowly disappeared from right to left revealed three men she didn’t recognize carrying two unconscious people: a young boy and a man who looked to be about in his early thirties. This, she would later find out, was Jack and Daniel.

The men lay them on the ground with little care, but at least they didn’t drop them. Jack however, didn’t stay on the ground. He slowly floated up and began to drift around the room. This didn’t seem to surprise the men. Without a word to her or each other they stepped back outside the room and the same man as before reached his hand up to the left-hand corner and ran his fingers along the ceiling. As he did, the mirror reappeared, following his hand, until everything disappeared behind it. The light behind the mirror went out and a few moments later she felt her body relax letting her move again.

She rushed to the mirror looking all along the edges for a crack or space where it broke away from the wall to see if she might be able to pry it open, but it was smooth and flush against the ceiling and walls.

Then, she tried to reach through the glass thinking that maybe it was just a mirage. Rather than hitting something hard, her finger pushed through the glass up to her second knuckle. It felt like pushing through spongy dough that got denser and denser until she couldn’t move it anymore. It stuck and felt like the mirror was trying to grip her finger. She pulled back hard and finally managed to get free. The entire time, the glass remained unchanged and unwavering.

Then she tried to bash the mirror with her fist, but her fist just sunk into the glass and she was momentarily stuck. Again, the glass neither rippled nor wavered. She thought about using her speed to smash through, but there wasn’t a lot of room to build up speed and she was worried that all that would happen is she would get stuck face-first and suffocate to death.

Still determined, however, she mimicked the move the man had made and ran her hand along the top. Nothing happened. She tried again, this time going the other way. Nothing.

Frustrated and perplexed, she sat down and tried to think. Eventually, she fell asleep on the floor and didn’t wake up again until a sharp prick in her arm woke her up. The doctors who kidnapped her were back and one of them was taking a blood sample from her arm. His wife was working on Jack who was hovering at waist height in front of her. Natasha was frozen in the position she woke up in. She was facing what used to be the mirrored wall. The doctors must have removed it like the men from before when they came in. She could see past her room into the cement hallway outside.

When the doctor finished with her, he moved on to Evan. When they had taken a vial of blood from each of them, the doctors stood up, gathered their medical supplies, and walked out. Her doctor preformed the same trick other man had and the mirror fell back into place.

Despite regaining the ability to move again, she continued to lay on the floor staring at her reflection trying to figure how she was going to get out of here and back to her family.

Chapter 11 coming soon 🙂

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