A Grave Mistake: Chapter 11

grayscale photography of white concrete wall

If you’d like to start reading from the beginning, check out A Grave Mistake: Chapter 1

The game has changed, my little experiments. The time has come to choose a side. Do I help them round you up, or do I help you escape and hope they don’t know I’ve lied?

Time Unknown

Jack slowly opened his eyes. He found himself staring at the ceiling only a few centimetres from his face. Under him was just air. He rotated around and saw a man and woman sitting on the floor facing away from each other. He watched them for a moment trying to figure out who they were and how he’d gotten here. Eventually, the man finally looked up and saw that he was awake.

“Morning sunshine,” the man said.

“Don’t scare him,” a woman said, standing up and walking towards Jack.

“I called him sunshine. How is that scary?”

“He doesn’t know who we are. It’s scary.”

“Where am I?” Jack asked

“Trapped in a room somewhere,” the man said. “I’m Daniel, by the way and the uptight one is Natasha.”

“Lovely,” Natasha said, glaring at him. “I liked you better when you were asleep.”

Daniel just rolled his eyes and scooched closer to the wall so he could slumped against it while looking up at Jack.

Natasha turned back to Jack, “Hon, do you remember anything?”

“I was flying in the woods and then suddenly I was caught in a net. I don’t remember anything after that.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“How long have you been able to fly?” Natasha asked.

“A few days I think. I’m not sure how long I’ve been down here.”

“That’s sounds about the same for me,” Natasha said.

“What can you do?” Jack asked.

“I can move really fast,” Natasha said.

“What about you?” he asked Daniel.

“He can’t do anything,” Natasha said.

“Not exactly true,” Daniel muttered. “I can do things. Just not weird super things.”

“But his brother can stretch himself out.” Natasha continued, barely pausing when Daniel interrupted her. “We think it was his brother they were trying to kidnap.”

“How do we get out of here?” Jack asked.

“That’s the question of the day, isn’t it,” Daniel said.

“We have to go through the mirror, but I think you have to be on the other side to open it. When the doctor swipes his hand across the top and it removes the mirror.”


“Yeah, I think they’re the ones who did this. Did you have a doctor’s appointment just before you started to be able to fly?”

“Yeah!” he said, twisting around and swimming closer to her. “Do you think they’re the ones who gave us these powers?”

“That’s my theory, but I think it was an accident. They seem to be in panic mode. I came back here not long after it started and the whole place looked shut down. Dr. Thomas looked stressed out of his mind.”

They sat in silence as Jack floated about the room in front of them. After awhile Jack heard whispering. He couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but it was definitely coming from the other side of the mirror. He slowly swam through the air edging closer. It sounded like Kaiden. He was about to call out when it occurred to him that it might be a trick.

“Hurry up, we need to find Jack!” he heard through the mirror.

Chapter 12 coming soon 🙂

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