Desired: Chapter 4


streetlampAfter a gorgeous, relaxing day reading in the sun and making plans to go to the lake with Kevin, she surrendered herself to the task at hand. She ordered in pizza for supper, then set to work cleaning up the mess she’d made that morning while searching for her key.

It was 12:20 am when she finally finished. She sat down at her kitchen table with a sigh. She had just convinced herself to go upstairs and had one step on the bottom stair when her sensor light went off catching her eye. It wasn’t that unusual. They had so many deer, raccoons, and rabbits in the area that it was always going off.

Taking her foot back off the bottom stair she walked through the darkened living room and peered out the window. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she saw a cat creeping along the edge of her driveway. Of course it was a cat. As much as she loved her neighbour Gladys, her cat had was obnoxious and loved to use her flowerbeds as her own personal kitty litter.

Realizing that must have been what set off the sensor, she started to turn away when she saw him: a figure standing on the sidewalk just on the edge of the ring of light from the streetlight overhead. She couldn’t see the person’s face. All she saw was the silhouette of someone in a long coat clearly facing her house. What were they staring at?

She shrank back to the side of the window so that she was mostly obscured by the curtain. As she looked closer, she saw that the person was holding something. It wasn’t until the person turned to the side to walk away that she saw they were holding a watering can.

Who goes for a walk with a watering can?

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