Desired: Chapter 5

dying flower

The next day, Charlie went out for coffee with her long-time Steph then went to the grocery store the grab the rest of the groceries she’d missed getting last time.

It was so nice to have free time to get together with her friends again. She loved her job, but it took up a lot of extra time, between coaching the grade 5/6 basketball team, prepping lessons, and grading her students’ homework, there wasn’t a lot of extra time. But in summers, she was able to reconnect with her friends and family.

As she pulled into her driveway she noticed that the grass in the corner was starting to turn yellow. She hadn’t noticed when she left. She parked in the driveway and walked over to examine it. That’s when she noticed that many of the flowers lining her driveway were starting to wilt as well.

She couldn’t understand it. She had just planted them a couple of weeks ago. Had she watered them too much? No enough? The weather had been sunny, but they were supposed to be in direct sunlight. She’d used potting soil that was supposed to have a lot of nutrients. Maybe she’d messed up there?

She grabbed her groceries from her car and carried them inside. Her plans quickly changing from spending time in her garden to browsing the internet to figure out what she’d done wrong.

She had just dropped her groceries onto the kitchen table when something caught her eye. She walked to the back door and stared at her key hooks. There, on the fourth hook, was her missing spare key.

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