A Walk in the Park – Part 4

man swinging bat near gray fence outdoors

On the other side of the park is a baseball diamond. On this particular day, like most days in spring, there was a game being played. Huddled in the top right corner of the bleachers were three ten-year-olds forced to be there by their parents to watch their older siblings play. As this was hardly the first game of the season, and the players were by no means professionals, they had long since lost interest.

They were giggling and goofing off as bored kids often do, when they heard the roar of a corvette pull into the parking lot behind the bleachers. One of the kids peered threw the bars of the bleachers and exclaimed knowledgeably both the make, model, and year of the cars. The other two looked over and nodded appreciatively pretending they were about to say the same thing, but gosh darn it, Ashley beat them to it.

A tall man with glasses got out and walked towards the bleachers and sat on the bottom row near the edge. He pulled out a box of what looked like chocolate covered almonds and started sucking and munching on them.

The kids in the bleachers quickly lost interest in him and turned back around to look at his car. Not long after, Justin who didn’t garner quite as much joy from cars was distracted when the man got up not long after he sat down and stumbled towards the trees. Rather than walking to one of the paths, he simply disappeared into the thicket.

Justin waited a few minutes, but when it looked like the man wasn’t coming back soon, he snuck down to the front row and grabbed a fist full of chocolate-covered almonds before scampering back up to his friends and sharing his loot.

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