A Walk in the Park – Part 7

BridgeOn this day, a young woman sat on the bridge cross-legged staring at the water of the creek rushing beneath her. It was a decent sized creek especially during the spring when the run-off from the mountains rushed downhill in rapids and became a small river.

Katie enjoyed the solitude and the sound of the water and would often bring her journal with her to write her thoughts and poetry as it came to her. There was a enough room on the bridge that she was able to side and look through the railing and people could still cross easily behind her.

She had been sitting there for about a half an hour when elevated voices broke through the sound of the rushing water. She looked up to see a man holding a camera that was strapped around his neck. Behind the man were two other men and a woman, all of whom looked irate and were chasing after the first man.

When he reached the bridge he turned around and shouted back at the others and insisted he had done nothing wrong. When the small mob didn’t stop but continued to give chase, the man was forced to retreat across the bridge.

The three pursuers didn’t seem committed enough to continue their pursuit across the bridge, but remained on their side standing guard. The man with the camera turned around and saw that they were not coming after him and stopped running.

He began shouting and waving his hands at the injustice of their verdict all the while insisting that he was perfectly within his rights to take pictures at a public place.

The others simply stood with their hands on their hips immobile, glaring in his direction.

Meanwhile the girl began to feel a bit frightened as the man was on one side and she didn’t know how dangerous he was, and the three angry pursuers were on the other side and she didn’t know how dangerous they were. Either way, she found herself in the middle of their argument with no way to escape. She shrunk as low as she could and tried to be as unnoticeable as possible, but she didn’t really need to bother. Neither was aware she was there.

The man shifted his argument from needing to take pictures, to needing to get back to his car. Again, this was met by the silent and immovable guard. Eventually he gave up and began to walk down the path towards what Katie assumed was another bridge so he could get back to their side.

The three waited about 10 minutes to ensure the feisty photographer would not come back, before returning themselves to the playground.

Thinking the excitement was over, Katie remained where she was and quickly began to scribble in her journal all that had just happened. Unbeknownst to her, it was not the last she would see of the photographer that day.

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